What is it?

This actionable email course is the starting point for educators or experts, entrepreneurs or hobbyists, coaches or consultants who want to deliver transformational learning experiences to their audience. Simply put: this is for people who want to become Superstar Teachers.

How does it work?

You'll get an email a day for about two weeks. Less than 5 minutes of reading per day. If you'd rather consume the whole thing in an afternoon, you can hit the accelerator and get all the emails in a row.

Why now?

We are entering a new age in online education. The internet has created an opportunity for passionate people to carve out their own niche and support themselves independently by delivering transformational online courses. Best practices in learning experience design are merging with technology to support these efforts.

Early movers will be rewarded.

What's in it?

  1. Teacher’s Mindset
  2. Mechanics of Learning
  3. Project Managing Course Development
  4. Crafting your Transformation Promise
  5. Architecting your Curriculum
  6. Creating Course Content
  7. Facilitating Active Learning
  8. The Rise of Cohort-Based Courses
  9. Roles and Responsibilities
  10. The Future of Online Learning

Who's it from?

Hi, my name is Andrew Barry. I'm the Program Director for On Deck Course Creators. Before taking on this role I spent 15 years designing and developing learning programs for rapidly growing companies. I help people teach on the internet, and I've distilled my experience into this 10-email series.